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The Region

Calabria is situated at the toe of the boot, surrounded by the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas.

Picturesque mountain villages, olive groves, forests and white sandy beaches dot the landscape.

The province of Cosenza is the centre for fig cultivation. Citrus fruits, vegetables, olives and grapes also thrive here.

Calabrian cuisine is peasant food – pasta and chillies, ‘Se non è picante, non è Calabrese’ if it’s not hot, it’s not Calabrian.

Arabic, Greek, French and Spanish influences have formed the architecture, cuisine, language and customs of this part of southern Italy.

Apart from the fantastic historical and cultural attractions, there is plenty to do for those who seek a little more action on their holidays. Activities such as fishing, hiking, skiing, biking and shopping are all within a short distance.


Pizzo - Best gelato in Italy

Tropea – Seaside village and resorts

Scilla – Fishing village with houses built on the sea wall

Silla – National Park, lake and Ski Resort

Reggio Calabria – Museo Nazionale della

Magna Grecia – Greek bronze

statues rescued from the sea

Tropea, Calabria
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